Monday, January 13, 2014

This is what you can expect to see.

Mostly, this is so I can be held accountable.

I want to post at least once or twice a week. More would be great, but I want to get into a groove. It is my new year's resolution to be more active in the atheist community and that includes my blog.

I want to make 2 types of posts.

The first would be a mixture of current events and issues, at first it will be most likely about my home state Ohio, but eventually I will branch out.

I also want to, periodically, write a personal review of a book I read from the "Atheist's Booklist" that I find from various other bloggers. I have read "Mortality" by Christopher Hitchens and have just literally started "god is not Great" also by Christopher Hitchens. I want to give my honest opinion of these titles, as well as many more in the future. It's not necessarily going to be a review, but more like a "here's what I learned" and "how i feel about this specific topic and his view point on it." I am very aware of his passing in 2011 and after reading mortality, I can honestly say that there would be even greater works and more human rights momentum if he were still around today.

Enough "praising", for lack of a more clever and cheeky term, time for a serious note. I am very passionate about very few things, moderately passionate about all else.

This is your only Warning!

I will use harsh and possibly offensive language and phrasing at times. I will do my best to prepare you guys at the top of the post if I go into a heated rant or something, with a "reader's discretion is advised" label or something to that affect.

That's about it for today, thanks for reading!