Saturday, January 18, 2014

American Tax Dollars Wasted For a Trip to Meet the Pope!

What Does It Matter That the President Spends American Money to Visit the Pope?!

             When I get upset that the President and the Secretary of State spend millions of our federal tax dollars on a trip to see the Pope, no body around me really understands. This is because they have been okay with our government legitamizing the Pope as a world leader, rather than condemning them.
             For government funds to be appropriated to the endorsement of Catholicism/Christianity as our "Offcial Stance" on whether a religion should have international power and persuasion is unconstitutional.

             This is no surprise to atheists. As the Oval Office does not acknowledge the 2% of Americians who are classified skeptical, logical, atheist, secularist, humans rights activism. We are very aware that the powers at be, currently, do not mind to violate the Treaty of Tripoli and the United States Constituion. I not only mention the president. There are  many senators and representatives, that blatanly state that their campaigns and decisions are all commanded by God. Or that we should follow Jesus' command. I have, also, seen elected officials state that this is a "Christian Nation."

             The people you're trusting to make the best decisions, on behalf of the portion of the nation they represent, are appealing to their religion; mostly, it's christians. The absolute anti-patriotic "backing" to their campaigns is disgusting to me as an Army vet. I was never deployed, but I still took the same oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. These lawmakers and lobyists with religious based agendas are domestic enemies to our constitution and are attempting to takeover the country with their god.

              One can not fathom the level of ignorance behind posts and comments on social media that are made daily. Seeing comments like the one below make me wonder whether people don't know this country was founded to be secular or are being intellectually dishonest to get their religion in control.

               Any American that believes the removal of legislation in this country, that showed their religion special treatment, is an attack on their god(s). I don't know what holy spirits you've been drinking, guy, but your religion is having it's filthy fingers removed from our government. I hope that one day we can snuff out your silly superstition.

              Before you start babbling on about this country needing god(s) or a god being on our side, why should I give a shit what your god and its novel have to say? What if the government were to adopt Mormanism as the official country religion and mandated that all americans purchase and wear "magical underwear?" There would be a lot of catholics, pentecostals, bapists, and all other denominations that disagree with the Morman denomination. Many of those Christians would protest and say that the government's religion is the wrong one.

              Get your head out of your ass and keep your god(s) out of my American government.

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